Tens of Thousands Sign Up to New Gambling Block Service

Tens of Thousands Sign Up to New Gambling Block Service

Wondering how a simple banking app can curb gambling addiction? Danny Cheetham, a 29-year-old from Stockport, found out for himself when he signed up to a banking app that allowed him to put a block on gambling. Tens of thousands of people with a gambling addiction, have signed up to this new service, which is provided by two mobile-only banks.

<p>&hellip;Danny, a former gambling addict found that he was planning his daily commute around playing slot machine at his local bookies, who just happened to open their doors early for those heading into work. He also placed bets on football (even though he doesn't like it) and tried his luck with online slots</p>

'I'd be setting my alarm to wake up at 4am to do a first bet', says Danny Cheetham, who began placing bets in his early 20s. I'd plan my route to work so I could call in to a bookies which opened early for commuters'.

A Dangerous Path:

His gambling addiction led to him taking out payday loans and over eight years, he estimated that he spent more than £50,000 which led to his depression and him moving in with his dad, because he couldn't afford his rent.

 In 2015, his mother Christine passed away and this was the turning point for him to stop gambling. Signing into his mobile banking app from Monzo, he opted for the gambling block and once activated, it would spot any gambling transaction and stop it! The banking app allows you to have a cooling off period for 48 hours and there is also a daily limit on cash withdrawals.

Gamble Responsibly:

Online gambling operators already have fool-proof measures in place, which allow you to put deposit restrictions on your account plus options to cool off for your own set period of time and there&rsquo;s even options to deactivate your account altogether. Gamble Aware Is an independent charity tasked to fund research, education and treatment services to help reduce gambling-related harms in the UK &ndash; you can contact this organisation if you need help .

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